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RITAR VRLA Battery manufacturer

RITAR POWER, the safe and intelligent power. Provide VRLA Batteries for for all kinds of industrial applications like Solar Systems, UPS, Telecom, Data Centers, Rail Transit, Motive Vehicles, and Forklifts etc.

Motive Power Battery

Excellent cycle life and recovery performance in deep cycle use

  • EV Series
    Electric Vehicle VRLA Batteries
  • Golf Buggy
    Golf Buggy Series
  • Electric Tricycle
    Electric Tricycle Series
  • Traction PzS Series
    Traction Batteries (DIN Standard)
  • Traction PzB Series
    Traction Batteries(BS Standard)
  • General Traction
    General Traction Series
  • Factory Explosion-proof
    Factory Explosion-proof Series
  • Mine Explosion-proof
    Mine Explosion-proof Series


Electric motorcycles, electric bikes, golf cars, wheelchairs, electric tractors

  • Electric Bicycles

  • Electric Motorcycles

  • Glof Buggies

  • Forklifts

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